Yes, we need to keep moving

Yes, we are volatile and impulsive and thrive on change

Yes, we are emotional and we seek freedom in whatever we do


But must we always move backward?

Must we change the good things we have and do?

And must we find our freedom only if we exploit someone else’s?


We all have needs and desires, and that is what makes us humans

We all have ambitions and dreams, and we all want to soar and to rise

We all try to make the best of the life we have


But why do our needs and desires only come from our dark side?

Why should our dreams be attained by stepping all over others?

And why can’t we enjoy our life without crushing other people’s lives?


We all have our yin and our yang

We all see black and we all see white

We all know what is wrong and what is right

We all want the best


But to get to the best

We need to rise as a community, not as individuals

We need to stop hating, stop fearing the other

We need to talk it over

Communicate . . .

We simply need to communicate,

Before we’re doomed and it’s too late . . .

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