Stop! She yelled at the top of her lungs. . .

Stop, before it’s too late.

Before my bones ache and my heart skips more beats

Stop before my tears and my words run out

Stop it right this minute!

Stop the hate

Stop the torture

Just stop!


Enough! She snapped . . .

Enough greed

Enough creeping around everyone’s back

No more hypocrisy

No more brutality

Enough crime

Where is your humanity?!



Shut up! She growled . . .

Shut that big fat mouth of yours

That’s not freedom of speech

That’s not an opinion

That’s racism, sexism, “crazyism”, that’s all types of “isms” rolled up into a speech- a public speech, may I add!

Shut the HELL up before I shut my windows and doors

And shut my eyes and ears to your sins

Shut up before I shut down the lights for good and go take a long, long slumber

A slumber of the body and the mind and a slumber of the soul

Shut up! Before I give up on the humankind and slap you silly on your thick, dead skin

Just, put a sock in it and shut up.


Wake up! Said her body. . .

Wake up, said her mind

Yoo-hoo!” said her eldest, “Mommy! We’re gonna be late for school…Come on. Get up!

Her eyes flung open and she smiled and gave him a long, heartfelt hug.

It was all in her head… only a dream.


It was almost time to go. Everyone dressed up, ready to start the day that morning… she waved goodbye to her little ones, wishing them a good day and praying hard that they’ll turn out to be good people.

Then it was only her and her husband in the car.

They turned on the radio.

The news was on. And some politicians were on, preaching. Oh no!

That was when she realized that it was not just a dream, after all. No matter how shocking it was that THIS was really happening. THIS WAS really happening.

But she smiled, nonetheless and whispered to her exhausted, troubled head” Shhhh . . . shut up, everything is going to be ok . . .

Something wrong, honey?” asked her husband. “Nope” she said. “Everything is going to be ok”.

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