Watching the world around me…I have to admit that I sometimes find it so hard to begin to pray. Not because I don’t believe, or because I don’t know the power of prayer, and not to say that I don’t pray-I do it all the time.

The thing is that it gets complicated when you have so many thoughts while praying: Pray for your loved ones, of course. Pray to thank God for His many, many blessings, definitely. Pray for the sick to get well soon…pray for peace, for strength, for patience. Pray for our extremely messed up country and world, our dying humanity, our disappearing souls, our messed up priorities…and that’s just the beginning of it, because even when you think you’ve thought of it all, there’s always more…much more.

And that is why, I stopped thinking so much when praying. I think that I think enough while I’m not praying, anyway! Prayer must come from the heart and the soul, not the mind. So now when I pray, instead of thinking about what I want to pray for, I only feel. My head won’t get me anywhere, anyway, because what is happening around us simply doesn’t make any sense. Murder, theft, craziness, mayhem, and sad grey souls and dead eyes are everywhere.

But when I pray, I feel hopeful and well and at peace. Sometimes that feeling stops once I stop praying, but at least my prayer gives me the push I need to be part of this crazy world and it helps me, not survive, but live and love. And that is the essence of our very existence: Live and Love.

Living and loving help me become a better person. They make me want to see a better tomorrow and make me want to try and push for some change in this world. Even if the change is in little baby steps.

So, I promised myself to keep on living (not surviving only) and loving. After that, everything else will fall into place, by default.

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