About Love and Prayer

About Love and Prayer

Watching the world around me…I have to admit that I sometimes find it so hard to begin to pray. Not because I don’t believe, or because I don’t know the power of prayer, and not to say that I don’t pray-I do it all the time.

The thing is that it gets complicated when you have so many thoughts while praying: Pray for your loved ones, of course. Pray to thank God for His many, many blessings, definitely. Pray for the sick to get well soon…pray for peace, for strength, for patience. Pray for our extremely messed up country and world, our dying humanity, our disappearing souls, our messed up priorities…and that’s just the beginning of it, because even when you think you’ve thought of it all, there’s always more…much more.

And that is why, I stopped thinking so much when praying. I think that I think enough while I’m not praying, anyway! Prayer must come from the heart and the soul, not the mind. So now when I pray, instead of thinking about what I want to pray for, I only feel. My head won’t get me anywhere, anyway, because what is happening around us simply doesn’t make any sense. Murder, theft, craziness, mayhem, and sad grey souls and dead eyes are everywhere.

But when I pray, I feel hopeful and well and at peace. Sometimes that feeling stops once I stop praying, but at least my prayer gives me the push I need to be part of this crazy world and it helps me, not survive, but live and love. And that is the essence of our very existence: Live and Love.

Living and loving help me become a better person. They make me want to see a better tomorrow and make me want to try and push for some change in this world. Even if the change is in little baby steps.

So, I promised myself to keep on living (not surviving only) and loving. After that, everything else will fall into place, by default.



Don’t just stand there

Scream at me


I want to know what this is all about


Don’t you freeze on me

Don’t you choke

Don’t you dare

Don’t you pretend this is some kind of joke


Speak up, I can hear you

Heart and soul, I can feel you

Tell it all


Make sure it’s crystal clear


Talk about it

Cry about it

Stomp and smash and screech about it

See if I care

As long as you clear the air


Yes, truth is painful

But silence… that’s the real killer

Ashekman is nominating fictional characters and celebrities for the upcoming government

Ashekman is nominating fictional characters and celebrities for the upcoming government

And damn is their campaign good!

The pictures are a full-fledged bouquet of awesomeness, sarcasm, fun and creativity wrapped up in a sense of sweet bitterness with an extra pinch  of revolution.

As a Lebanese, I find these so expressive and hilarious. This . . . is art.

Check out the campaign on their facebook page (Ashekman) and ENJOY!

The chronicle of an “everyday”

The chronicle of an “everyday”

Stop! She yelled at the top of her lungs. . .

Stop, before it’s too late.

Before my bones ache and my heart skips more beats

Stop before my tears and my words run out

Stop it right this minute!

Stop the hate

Stop the torture

Just stop!


Enough! She snapped . . .

Enough greed

Enough creeping around everyone’s back

No more hypocrisy

No more brutality

Enough crime

Where is your humanity?!



Shut up! She growled . . .

Shut that big fat mouth of yours

That’s not freedom of speech

That’s not an opinion

That’s racism, sexism, “crazyism”, that’s all types of “isms” rolled up into a speech- a public speech, may I add!

Shut the HELL up before I shut my windows and doors

And shut my eyes and ears to your sins

Shut up before I shut down the lights for good and go take a long, long slumber

A slumber of the body and the mind and a slumber of the soul

Shut up! Before I give up on the humankind and slap you silly on your thick, dead skin

Just, put a sock in it and shut up.


Wake up! Said her body. . .

Wake up, said her mind

Yoo-hoo!” said her eldest, “Mommy! We’re gonna be late for school…Come on. Get up!

Her eyes flung open and she smiled and gave him a long, heartfelt hug.

It was all in her head… only a dream.


It was almost time to go. Everyone dressed up, ready to start the day that morning… she waved goodbye to her little ones, wishing them a good day and praying hard that they’ll turn out to be good people.

Then it was only her and her husband in the car.

They turned on the radio.

The news was on. And some politicians were on, preaching. Oh no!

That was when she realized that it was not just a dream, after all. No matter how shocking it was that THIS was really happening. THIS WAS really happening.

But she smiled, nonetheless and whispered to her exhausted, troubled head” Shhhh . . . shut up, everything is going to be ok . . .

Something wrong, honey?” asked her husband. “Nope” she said. “Everything is going to be ok”.



Yes, we need to keep moving

Yes, we are volatile and impulsive and thrive on change

Yes, we are emotional and we seek freedom in whatever we do


But must we always move backward?

Must we change the good things we have and do?

And must we find our freedom only if we exploit someone else’s?


We all have needs and desires, and that is what makes us humans

We all have ambitions and dreams, and we all want to soar and to rise

We all try to make the best of the life we have


But why do our needs and desires only come from our dark side?

Why should our dreams be attained by stepping all over others?

And why can’t we enjoy our life without crushing other people’s lives?


We all have our yin and our yang

We all see black and we all see white

We all know what is wrong and what is right

We all want the best


But to get to the best

We need to rise as a community, not as individuals

We need to stop hating, stop fearing the other

We need to talk it over

Communicate . . .

We simply need to communicate,

Before we’re doomed and it’s too late . . .

About 2016, and other years

LebaneseFlagintheSea_MstanfraSo a new year has arrived…hip hip hooray… congrats dear earth, you’re still the same old shit-hole of a planet you were last year, and the year before.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about optimism and change and so on…

I am merely describing the situation.

It’s 2016, and the little angels of the world are being swept on shores, as corpses. It’s 2016, and nations are dying of hunger. HUNGER!!! It’s 2016, and we still kill one another over road rages, parking spots, and black Friday sales. It’s 2016, and people still need to be convinced that the earth needs to be taken care of, and that animals and plants are something we need to survive. It’s 2016, and we still bother about politics and obsess about it, overlooking humanity and the basic human rights. It’s 2016, and we still listen to those politicians and believe in what they say. We still overlook their private agendas and their lies.

It’s 2016,and we still talk of gender equality and have to actually explain it to people. It’s 2016, and one is still judged by one’s appearance: “Fat, skinny, black, white, yellow, slutty, messy, sexy, too tall, too short, wears a hijab, doesn’t wear a hijab, pierced, tattooed, and so on . . .”

It’s 2016 and we still judge by social status, sect, and nationality.

It’s 2016, and people still take sides in wars, rather than condemning wars altogether! People analyze and become experts in the art of war, rather than rushing to save lives and expose the bitter truth and reality: “people of the world will never benefit from a war- it is only a sick game the nations play to stay in power”.

It’s 2016, and the insane extremists prevail and terrorize civilians, while gaining support from nations of power.

It’s 2016, and yes, it seems that we are still the same messed up people we were in 2015, 2014 and so on . . . But we are also the same people who hold on to hope in their hearts, and love in their acts. We still believe in change and try to be that change. Humans are weird.

It is on the day we lose this hope, this love, and this belief in change, that I wish to not be a part of this earth’s humanity.

To a hopeful 2016. . .

(P.S. I am trying to use my own photos in some of my posts just for fun, am no photographer whatsoever…hope you like ’em :))

What are we?


What are we, but little children’s eyes?

Always looking forward,

No matter how much we think we are affected by our pasts

Hoping . . .

Dreaming . . .

Receiving future events with much surrender

Or perceiving them, rather

We do not know for sure.


What are we, but little hearts?

Waiting for tomorrow,

Wondering what it will bring us

Sunshine or rain?


or perhaps once again, pain?


What are we, but hungry souls?

Deceived by the blackness that surrounds us

Yet, still looking for that bright white light

Even if it is somewhere around the far-fetched horizon

Which we sometimes cannot see, but insist to imagine

Fighting . . .

Enduring . . .

Trying, and trying to make it through

To raise our heads up high

To allow that light to shine in

To let our smiles, no matter how small, win


What are we, but specks of dust?

In this tornado we call a life

Twisting and turning . . .

Howling . . .

Rising and falling,

And rising and falling again. . .

Only to survive

And to enjoy the little things throughout the years

For it is those little things that make us who we are…

A few smiles here and there

Good old friends

Heart to heart conversations


True fears



And some craziness to top it all

Have a crazy, yet blessed 2016 . . .