Ashekman is nominating fictional characters and celebrities for the upcoming government

Ashekman is nominating fictional characters and celebrities for the upcoming government

And damn is their campaign good!

The pictures are a full-fledged bouquet of awesomeness, sarcasm, fun and creativity wrapped up in a sense of sweet bitterness with an extra pinch  of revolution.

As a Lebanese, I find these so expressive and hilarious. This . . . is art.

Check out the campaign on their facebook page (Ashekman) and ENJOY!

Adha Moooo-Barakkk!

I couldn’t have found a better picture to portray what we have turned out to be . . .

Yup, we Lebanese are nothing but sheep, and we deserve to be slaughtered by all means (much more than those poor innocent sheep). We are but herds following the worst shepherds EVER (aka, our stupid politicians)!

Happy Adha, my friends, and may we be other (better) species in our eids-to-come.

If you are a sheep reading this and currently clinging at the edge of your seat to know if you will be next in line this eid, here is the translation: Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Things that freakin’ annoy me- part two

1. Inconsiderate smokers; you know, the type who think it’s perfectly normal to smoke at a children’s play-area, or in an elevator, or a cab (while there are 4 passengers in the car and it’s raining and freezing outside and you need to choose between opening a window and freezing to death, and inhaling their ciggy!)

2. Birth marks that look creepy and more like dirt than “beauty spots” (blessed by many of those- sigh)

3. Websites with background music- really crappy background music- that you can’t turn OFF!

4. Filthy rich housewives who are constantly complaining  about how often they have to travel (on leisure trips!) while at the hairdresser. They just break my heart, I’m telling you.  The poor things, IMAGINE having to travel the world, in first class seats and then stay at every 5-star hotel in every country… It’s must be so tiresome. GRRRRRRRR!!!

5. Dentists who keep asking you questions when you have 5 “appliances” stuffed in your mouth and can’t even swallow or breathe, let alone SPEAK!

6. Random people who decide to “help” me park! “Rja3i, rja3iii!, ksiriyon killon!, Jalsiiiii!, eh khalasss hay hiyyi” (with the well-known tap on the rear of the car) . . . I . . . CAN . . . PARK . . . ON . . . MY . . . OWN. . .  Thank you.

7. Supermarket trollies with bad wheels. Seriously! These things are dangerous I tell you!

8. Morning talk shows. Why on earth would I wanna hear someone blabbering on my way to work at 7 am?!

9.  Restaurants that make you beg for tissue paper. I mean what are we supposed to do? Use our sleeves?

Happy New Year!

In 2012 . . .

Let’s hope that Humanity will make less disasters and politicians will be a little less corrupt.

Let’s hope for only a few wars and no “World War III”.

Let’s hope we keep jobs and our companies don’t go bankrupt.

Let’s hope we are a little richer and a little happier, even from small silly things in our life. After all, this is what life is all about!

WHAT?! I’m trying to be realistic here!!!

Fine, fine….Have a happy prosperous, magnificent new year, full of laughter and good health . . . and whatever your freakin’ heart wishes for. Mnee7 hek?!

See you in 2012!